If you wanna find love,
then you know where the city is.
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"You should not have to rip yourself into pieces to keep others whole."
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"have you ever considered that we lead ourselves on? we overthink everything; every touch, every look, every text. we create scenarios in our minds and imagine ourselves with that person, building it into something it isn’t, something it never was. maybe we need to stop passing the blame, maybe we break our own hearts."
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"I like watching sad and depressing movies so that I can cry all I want. If anyone walks in on me, I can blame the movie. When in reality, it has nothing to do with it."
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Nothing is true, everything is permitted


Nothing is true, everything is permitted

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I’ve literally been laying in the dark for hours now. I don’t know why. I’m inside my own cave.

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Everything you love is here


Everything you love is here

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I’ve been obsessed with V’s style since I was 15, she is EVERYTHING. 🙏

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"I’d make-out to Arctic Monkeys with you"
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Anonymous → Tell me a sex dream of yours! Btw it's Elaire but shhhhhh I'm anonymous.

HAHA oh elaire. alright like a sexual fantasy? or??

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